beauty and wellness tips for summer

Put Your Summer Face On: 3 Key Beauty And Wellness Tips For Summer

Do you feel like you are drowning on ludicrously high cultural expectations just trying to keep yourself up? Our daily beautification process doesn’t have to be such an overwhelming endeavor. From regular monthly visits to our favorite hair and nail salons, to the day to day grind of shaving our legs and applying mascara. With so much to maintain, take a few tips from us on how to maximize your efforts on our daily skincare and beauty routine.


You have heard people say that your hair is an accessory. Slow air dried hair is in with a vengeance; let that work for you. If your hair has some natural wave or curl to it, embrace it. Most salon quality hair care lines have cream or balm that can be worked evenly through damp hair and left alone to achieve a calm, clean, daily, natural curvy look. For the bone straight girls out there, sleep yourself into some texture for a great wear the next day by braiding your damp hair into a loose braid. Also, regular appointments with your stylist for a quick trim will maintain your style while keeping you in the loop about what products are hot for achieving your ultimate personal look.


If hair is an accessory it wouldn’t be such a stretch to say so is your skin! A few minutes of attention morning and night can sustain a clear healthy looking glow. A quality exfoliating face brush can do wonders for a complexion, either during the morning shower or at evening before bed. Remember the importance of daily moisturizing as routine washing may dry the skin causing increased oiliness.

Keep in mind that finding an age appropriate moisturizer will make a difference. The light tinted moisturizer you threw on in your college years may not be rich enough for your thirty plus. A more hydrating, wrinkle prevention product used in your routine may be just the ticket.


Agua, agua, agua. Use every chance you get to soak up some water and stay hydrated. In the last month, I’ve doubled my water intake and my skin is definitely thanking me. The result has been clearer skin, I’ve lost weight by swapping out all other liquids (other than coffee, of course), and, in general, I feel a lot better. Try it for yourself and have a wonderful summer!



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