Meet Lilee, A Curated Touch Of Life

Mailboxes across the US will be thrilled to learn about the launch of Lilee, an Austin-based, luxury beauty and lifestyle monthly subscription box featuring full-size goodies ranging from jewelry to makeup, skin care, stationery, small consumables, coffee and tea, and just about any other fabulous find suited to today’s 30-to-40-something sophisticate. Packed with products from well-known prestige cosmetics lines, baubles from beautiful boutique brands, and one- of-a-kind trinkets, the $49 per month price point is well worth the $120 in gorgeous goodies you’ll receive!


“Lilee believes in bringing thoughtful products into the spotlight by brands both big and small to make your every month gorgeously unique. From scarves and tea to sparkles and lipstick, gift yourself with “where’d-you-get-that?” moments and get whisked away in the Lilee spirit by sharing your new favorite discoveries with your girlfriends, too.” – Felicity Fromholz



Lilee represents all the aspects of a woman’s style. Whether she leans toward the more romantic, sophisticated, multicultural or modern, the Lilee box features products that speak to every woman. Lilee also tells a story. On a rotating 4-month basis, the theme of the box will change as Lilee and her 4 best girlfriends travel the globe in search of the products they love to share. One of the most unique features of Lilee is the box itself. The gorgeous black and pink box is completely free of branding. Once you’ve gathered up your monthly goodies, just add a bow, write a little message on the blank note card also included every month and share! Upcycling has never been so easy or so classy!

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By now you’ve realized that Lilee is definitely not your average subscription box! Lilee’s goal is to foster an environment that creates the opportunity for discovery, change and transformation; an environment that promotes a sense of exploration mixed with the exchange of things and ideas. She’s about quality products with personality, a beautiful story and a little whimsy.

Coral Talavera

International Consultant. Art Lover. Coffee Addict. Treehugger. Homeschooler. I'm a passionate digital curator, Editor-In-Chief of EV and CEO at DCE Clarity. Outside of work, I'm a proud mommy, an avid puzzle builder, and a horrible musician.