Skin and Makeup Trends For Summer

Truly Captivating: Stare-Worthy Skin and Makeup Trends For Summer

The light breezy fun feeling of summer in the air has a way of intuitively getting us to revamp your look! Our favorite skin and makeup trends for summer ride along the “done/undone” look.

When it comes to eye makeup, pick up some fresh natural hues, reflected in nature for a playful summer outcome. Be it a glistening glow, matte finish or the sun-kissed look of a simple bronzer, find out what works for you and play with it! Summer eye makeup is care-free and fun.Wear clean and clear coverage that looks almost naked. A soft romantic glow that simply comes across as healthy. A minimal sheen of shadow covering the lid in an airy caramel, honey or glossy rose, well blended will grant you that warm glisten to your eyes, as well as enhance your long natural looking lashes. Let them focus on your beautifully stunning simplicity.

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For a vogue daytime wear, begin by switching out your heavier winter coverage for a tinted moisturizer or a mineral base foundation over face and lids. This will keep product from building up in the creases of skin and lids and caking in the heat.



Urban Decay’s Naked Basics eyeshadow palette has perfect shades to give natural tones around the eyes. For maturing women, pop the lid and brow bone with a brighter matte or demo-matte nude, and scale back the shade to a warm light brown caramel to darken your crease. As irresistible iridescent shadows and sparkles are, they do highlight wrinkles that form with age. Especially in the warmer months, veer away from using overly glittery shadows and products that could melt and travel the face to accentuate fine lines.

Whether you are still pale from winter’s cold aftermath or your skin is beginning to show that sun kissed glow, you may need a fast, foolproof, on-the-go option to get your eyes feeling flutter ready!

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer Box makes a great addition to your travel makeup bag. It’s available in several dewy shades, each of which build on the other for cheekbone contouring, or eye crease definition. Keep it simple by deepening contoured areas a few more times for contrast!

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