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Tummy Tuck 360: A True Tummy Tuck Revolution

For years, my friends and partners at Restora (in Austin) have been at the forefront of beauty, constantly researching and implementing cutting-edge techniques for elite patients. I am proud of joining them in presenting their latest innovation, their signature procedures Tummy Tuck 360.

The unique process combines an abdominoplasty, with SAFELipo® contouring using Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL). An ideal alternative for post-baby bodies, the technique provides the ultimate result for patients wanting to reshape their mid-section after excessive weight loss.

After doing traditional tummy tucks for years, Drs. Reid and Gordon found that while the patients were thrilled with their ‘flat’ stomachs and their overall appearance from the front, they lacked any visible change from the back. As Gordon explains, “The traditional technique wasn’t able to provide us with the goal of delivering a ‘Before Baby Body’ result. Pregnancy or big weight fluctuations don’t only cause changes in one’s appearance from the front, they cause changes along the sides and the back. People tend to get bigger or thicker all around.” Unfortunately, traditional plastic surgery training teaches surgeons NOT to combine a tummy tuck with liposuction due to perceived risks and complications. However, with advances in surgical techniques and the introduction of innovative procedures such as SAFELipo®, patients have safe, effective options that have never been available before. Drs. Reid and Gordon are two of a handful of doctors in the country and the only surgeons in Austin that have been trained to offer SAFELipo®, a radically different form of liposuction.

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They learned the technique from the inventor of the procedure, Dr. Simeon Wall. “SAFE”, is an acronym for Separation – Aspiration – Fat Equalization; these three techniques rolled into one is what makes SAFELipo® different from any other technique currently available. “It’s all about minimizing complications and giving patients better results,” says Dr. Gordon. “We like to describe it as ‘shrink wrap’. With SAFELipo®, the entire section of the body gets smaller, not just the saddlebags or the love handles.

It works all the way around. We’re taking liposuction results to a whole new level”. Patients need to know that all liposuction techniques are not the same and that the technique and the experience of the surgeon really do matter. SAFELipo® takes more time in the operating room because it’s a three step process, but the results are well worth it. It’s not just liposuction; it’s true body contouring.


This article was originally published in the 2015 Body Issue of VETTA Magazine.

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